Mapping Project for Second graders

Courtney Werts
Mapping Project for Second graders

My second grade class did a mapping unit and the fun pre-assessment was to great your own "island" which was shaped like a foot.

We talked about what they needed on their island and how they would make symbols for those places.

We talked about people needed shelter, hospitals, places to eat, places to shop, entertainment, places to take pets, fire stations, police stations, parks, swimming pools, hotels for out of town visitors and lots of other creative ideas the kids came up with.

We also talked about how people would get from place to place.

We needed roads, sidewalks, airports and spots for boats to come to they island.

We also talked about need nature and natural items. So trees needed to be put around the island. Then the students wrote about their island with explanations why they put the places they did on their island.

Mapping Project for Second graders
Mapping Project for Second graders
August 22, 2020
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