Match the Animals

Match the Animals

Match the AnimalsToday we've Learned about the wild animals and work on our vocabulary. I Used new words to make sentences and got on a scavenger hunt in ourvown house!I've loocked for some wild or farm animals among my children's toys and hide them in the room and asked him to find them.After that, we built houses out of cardboard cubes, where we sorted the animals by families or by area of ​​origin. I used some book, where I was reading him about these animals, where they live & what they eat.Then I looked for a white board on which I glued animals with insulating tape and asked him to save them, for the development of fine motor skills. I tried to name the animals or the sound they make and work on his matching skills.The games whore fun and atractive for him, I totally recomand them!

Match the Animals
May 19, 2020
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