Math Leaves Activity

.Emily Davis
Math Leaves Activity

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One thing often associated with the Fall season is falling leaves! This activity created by Parsons Family Child Care helps students develop their math skills as they put the correct number of leaves upon a string to match the number and dots on their sheet!

How to Make Your Own

At Parson's Family Child Care they combined multiple designs but you can do whatever kind you think is best! The main you absolutely need to have to fit the fall theme is leaves.

Once you have leaves you then can take sheets of paper and choose to have it so that students match a number of dots, match a written number, or if you want to punch-holes in the leaves and have students put them on a string that works well too!

It all depends on if your students are able to recognize numbers themselves or are still learning to count and if maybe having them match leaves to dots would be a better activity for them.

The main idea is to give them the sensory sensation of touching leaves and working on recognizing how many leaves they need to match a recognized written number (or number of dots).

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Math Leaves Activity
September 28, 2019
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