Moon Phases Model for Third Grade Students

.Emily Davis
Moon Phases Model for Third Grade Students

At Del Mar Pines School the Third Grade students learned via a fun hands-on method how the Moon's orbit creates Lunar phases.

Models were used that utilized different-sized balls and the students' own heads to help them understand the way the Earth can cast a shadow over the Moon, thereby creating the Lunar phases.

Sun, Moon, and Earth!

Students stuck their heads up into the model where they saw a bit farther away from them a large yellow ball that represented the sun. Then, there was an assortment of smaller whiter balls that were colored darker or lighter to represent how depending on the Moon's position around Earth we can see all of it, some of it, or none of it. This is because of how when the Sun is shining directly on the Moon without Earth blocking it that makes it look full. The class had a great time pretending to be the planet Earth as they worked to understand Lunar phases!

Del Mar Pines School


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Moon Phases Model for Third Grade Students
January 21, 2020
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