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Occupations-Vehicles Matching Activity

Occupations-Vehicles Matching Activity

This occupations-vehicles matching activity is fun when your kids or students are learning about different occupations and their respective transportation used.

Later, you may ask your kids or students to match the community helper to something they might use at their jobs.

Match eight different occupations to the vehicles used in each occupation.

  • Pilot --> Aeroplane
  • Fireman --> Fire engine
  • Doctor --> Ambulance
  • Policeman --> Police Car
  • Bus conductor --> Bus
  • Train conductor --> Train
  • Farmer --> Tractor
  • Construction Worker --> Excavator

This can definitely reinforce understanding of the topic. Allow them to learn to cut and then match the vehicles accordingly. I recommend that laminate both the sheets and use velcro dots to attach the pieces. Enjoy and have fun.


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Occupations-Vehicles Matching Activity
May 7, 2020
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