DIY Pizza and Math Game

.Ava Jones
DIY Pizza and Math Game

DIY Pizza and Math Game

Almost everyone loves pizza and one of the most fun things about a pizza is all the toppings!

At Wild Oaks Cottage School- Preschool in the Park, they created a Do-It-Yourself Pizza and Math game that helps develop number recognition, 1-to-1 correspondence, and helps students with learning about matching numbers to a shown amount to learn how to follow a recipe much like they would use for a real pizza.

What You Need

  • A print-out picture/drawing of a plain cheese pizza
  • Big red buttons (these are the, "pepperoni," pieces)
  • Small black buttons (these represent black olives)
  • Green pipe cleaners (these represent peppers)
  • Pieces of paper that request various ingredients on the pizza
  • If you want to come-up with other ingredients you can too

How to Do the Activity

Give each student a pizza and a bunch of the, "Toppings."

Hand-out the papers with directions of various ingredients to put atop the pizza

Help students as they read the directions and put the correct toppings on their pizza--"Your paper says you need two olives, so how many olives do you need to count-out to put on the pizza?

"You can make-up any other toppings you want to do fun as well if students can handle more complex directions

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DIY Pizza and Math Game
September 30, 2019
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