Outdoor Art Project for Kids

Olivia Johnson
Outdoor Art Project for Kids

Outdoor Painting Project

This outdoor art project for kids is as fun as it is creative!

At Wild Hearts Nature Preschool in Aubrey, Texas, they learned all about colors by doing this exciting activity that encourages teamwork as well as a thoughtful eye.

What You Need

  1. One plastic shower curtain.
  2. A laundry line OR a rope plus laundry clips and a place to hang it.
  3. Lots of paint.

How to Do It

  • Hang the plastic shower curtain up on the laundry line/with the clips.
  • Have students either take turns painting the curtain or working together to make a unique piece of art.
  • Talk about all the colors being use and how teamwork is helping to make the project even more fun than if the students were to paint the plastic shower curtain alone.
  • Once the curtain is covered in paint allow it to dry and then display it proudly at your school!

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Outdoor Art Project for Kids
September 14, 2019
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