Outdoor Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Olivia Johnson
Outdoor Fall Activities for Preschoolers

What a busy, fun morning we had at our Nature School! We prepared in the Vitamix, Organic Homemade Almond nut butter for lunch.

In our outside classroom we learned about seed pods, and other types of seeds we can find in the fall. We explored milkweed pods, sunflower seeds, inside an acorn, maple tree pods, and black eyed susan’s.
We learned fruits and veggies have seeds on the inside and strawberries seeds are on the outside.

We picked some fresh green beans from our garden, and opened them to explore their seeds. All the kids munched on them as well.

Lots of outside play today!

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Scarborough, Maine

How to Make Homemade Almond Butter in a Vitamix

Gather Ingredients

4 cups unsalted roasted almonds

¼ cup oil

Almond Butter Recipe

Add almonds to the container, followed by the oil, and secure the lid.

Start at Variable 1 and slowly increase to the machine’s highest speed.

Use the tamper to press ingredients toward the blades.

Blend for 1 minute.

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Outdoor Fall Activities for Preschoolers
September 13, 2019
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