Owl-Themed Paper Towel Tube Craft

.Ava Jones
Owl-Themed Paper Towel Tube Craft

Owl Paper Roll Craft. How to Make an Owl

The first graders from Mrs. Dietmeier and Mrs. Carlson’s classes in the art class at Durand Elementary in, Durand, Illinois mad their very own owl-themed paper towel tube crafts!

Durand Elementary Art, Durand, Illinois

The class was very thankful for all the donated paper towel tubes so that they could do this recycled art project. The kids were going to get to take their owls home soon, but first they had to be displayed so the students were a little bummed at first!

How to Make an Owl

The materials needed are just a paper towel tube, any colors of paint you want to use, a small strip of orange construction paper, googly eyes, and glue (you can have extra paper if you want for wings).

Once you have all the materials do the following steps:

  • Paint the paper towel tube a solid color and then paint the wings another color (or glue-on the other paper for the wings).
  • Glue the orange strip of construction paper onto the tube, this will be the beak.
  • Glue the two googly eyes by the nose strip onto the paper towel tube.
  • The owl is done!

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Owl-Themed Paper Towel Tube Craft
October 23, 2019
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