"Painting," Bricks for Toddlers

.Grace Robinson
"Painting," Bricks for Toddlers

"Painting," Bricks for ToddlersAt Madison United Methodist Church Preschool they did a fun activity where the toddlers, "Painted," the bricks with water! It was a great sensory activity that got them wet but not as messy as they would have been with real paint.

Materials Needed for You to, "Paint," the Bricks

To do your own brick, "painting," activity you need the following:

  • A brick wall
  • A bucket filled with water
  • Paintbrushes

How to Do the Brick, "Painting," Activity

To do the brick, "Painting," activity do the following steps:

  1. Tell your toddler how they are going to practice painting.
  2. Model for them how they can dip their paintbrush in the water they spread it on the bricks to make them wet/"painted."
  3. Help your toddler handle the paintbrush and, "Paint," the bricks until all the ones they can reach are wet.
Source for Photos: Madison United Methodist Church Preschool

"Painting," Bricks for Toddlers
June 6, 2020
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