Paper Mache

Paper Mache

Paper MachePaper Mache is an art. That can be played by yourself in the family is a good activity for children with brain development, small children who have creative thinking And another thing is a good practice for children to train their children to use their imagination to create their work and as a decoration to the walls of the house and can be a gift to friends as well.equipment1. plywood sheet2. Projector color or food coloring3. Tissue paper4. Meatball skewers5. TOA glue6. Cartoon styleHow to do1. Start by drawing out the cartoon style.2. Mix the tissue paper with glue and water color and spread it together into a single texture3. After the tissue paper is mixed with glue, then mold into the picture that has already been prepared. To shape4. After the mold is finished, put in the sun to dry the glue so that the tissues attached to the board are considered finished.

Paper Mache
February 20, 2020
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