Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft

.Charlotte Moore
Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft

At Wiz Kids Center in Brooklyn, New York this Polar Bear craft was very popular with the students who loved using the cotton balls on the paper plate.

It tied-in wonderfully with the Winter Animals theme that the class was doing and was great as they were able to enjoy International Polar Bear Day while doing this craft that had them assembly their own fluffy Polar Bear! This holiday celebrating Polar Bears is every year on February 27th and this was a favorite themed craft of the class who agreed that Polar Bears are incredibly cute!

How the Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft Was Made

For this craft, the students actually used smaller paper plates for their version, but don't worry as any size can work. First, the ears were cut out of construction paper, then they were glued onto the back of the plate. After that the students their glue stick so that they could spread glue onto the plate and the ears.

Next, the students tore-up their cotton balls into much smaller pieces and stuck them onto the glue-covered plates and ears.

To finish, the students made the Polar Bear's face by taking gluing onto it googly eyes, followed by a black nose and then a black mouth.

When the Polar Bear paper plate crafts were done they all looked spectacular! It was a really fun activity!

Wiz Kids Center


Brooklyn, New York

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Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft
January 7, 2020
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