Pasta Play Activity for Toddlers

Olivia Johnson
Pasta Play Activity for Toddlers

If you're wanting to do an activity with the toddlers at your preschool that is easy to set-up and will help them develop their fine motor skills then this pasta play activity they did at Elite Education in Gallatin, Tennessee is sure to be perfect for your kiddos!

Elite Education
Gallatin, Tennessee

How to Do the Pasta Play Activity

All you need for this pasta play activity is a bunch of dried noodles (the straight kind) and a colander normally used to drain wet pasta. Students then work at putting the dry noodles through the holes in the colander. Longer noodles might-stick out and shorter ones could possibly go all the way in!

Skills Developed by the Pasta Play Activity

Doing this pasta play activity helps toddlers work on developing their fine motor skills as well as building-up their concentration and patience. It requires time and effort to line-up and get the pasta through a colander for little ones and this activity encourages them to stick with it and not get discouraged even if they struggle at first--as they keep trying they will get better and better!

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Pasta Play Activity for Toddlers
October 5, 2019
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