Personalities and Appearances

reyhane sanati
Personalities and Appearances

talking about personalities

long and short

brown and blond

curly and straight

we talk about diffrent people personalities and their apperances

you can also talk about He and She

or maybe talk about your family and friends apperances

for example lets talk about one of my friends

she is tall

her hair is blond

her hair is short and curly

her eyes are green

she is 20 years old

now with the pictures and making diffrent apperances you can try to talk about every people

its very important and easy to learn

now i want to talk about my father

he is short

his hair is black

his hair is short and straight

his eyes are black

and also he is very kind

what about you?

can you now talk about your friends and families?

you can make one of these faces and have fun talking about them

you can also talk about your dolls and toys and talk about their appearances

i hope you'll love it

Personalities and Appearances
February 12, 2023
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