Pine Needle Painting Activity

.Mia Brown
Pine Needle Painting Activity

Ashbridge Nursery at Maxy Farm in Cottam, Preston, Lancashire did a very unique painting activity with their preschoolers!

The painted pine needles that were hanging from a post.

The pine needles were at different heights so some required painting by standing, others needed students to be sitting, and the kids reached both high and low! It required some serious muscle work to keep their legs steady, but they had lots of fun doing this unique painting activity!

The students really enjoy touching the pine needles and feeling their unique textures as they worked to paint them bright and colorful.

Try it With Your Class!

This is an easy activity to do with your class! You simply need pine needles to hang-up and then tempera paint which you give to the students for when they are covering the pine cones in beautiful colors. Then you can hang them at various heights so students stand, sit, or crouch as needed to paint them. It will fun for the whole class!

Ashbridge Nursery at Maxy Farm


Cottam, Preston, Lancashire

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Pine Needle Painting Activity
January 8, 2020
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