Planting Spring and Summer Flowers With Kids

At Kiddie Academy of Rosenberg, they planted flowers in the Spring to bloom during the Summer! It was a very educational and fun activity!

Plant Your Own Spring and Summer Flowers

If you want to plan your own Spring and Summer flowers you will need:

  • A container to hold the flowers (big or small)
  • Potting soil/dirt
  • Digging tools
  • Flower seeds
  • A watering pot

Then, once you’ve gathered your materials do the following:

  1. Gather your materials and put the potting soil/dirt in the container.
  2. Dig a hole for the flower seeds; dig multiple holes for all the seeds.
  3. Plant your flower seed/seeds.
  4. Cover the seed/seeds with the dirt.
  5. Water the dirt where the seed/seeds are buried.
  6. Repeat the watering daily (except it rains) and wait for your beautiful flowers to grow and bloom!

Source for Photos: Kiddie Academy of Rosenberg

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