Please, Brush your teeth!

Please, Brush your teeth!

Please, Brush your teeth!I believe that some children just wouldn't cooperate while it's time to brush their teeth. Be patience, try this activity, it may make a change in their daily routine.There are many ways to play this activity depends on their age group. Introduce the term lips, teeth (name them if older adults). Let them count how many milk or permanent teeth they have, also try to implement the importance of brushing their teeth daily. Print out a diagram with mouthful of teeth. Coloured them yellow using highlighter or marker pen. Prepare either a real toothbrush or a handmade toothbrush using popsicle stick with two to three poms poms glue on them, teach them to erase those yellow stain on the teeth. Another way of playing is write 1-6 in each tooth, throw a dice and see which number shown on the dice and rubbed the number away. 


Please, Brush your teeth!
April 7, 2020
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