Preschool Food Sorting Activities

.Isabella Jones
Preschool Food Sorting Activities

Diana Santowasso Sanger took pictures of all the food students and staff at her school donated and then helped sort. It was made into a fun activity that helped with developing math skills!

Diana Santowasso Sanger


Teaching About Giving

The students helped sort all the donations by separating and counting items within three categories:

  • Things in bags.
  • Things in cans.
  • Things in boxes.

Charts were made to help keep track of the number of items and once everything was put in separate spots and counted-up it was concluded what there was the most of (things in cans) and what there was the least of (things in bags).

Everything that was donated was deeply appreciated, but by making the sorting process a fun counting-game it helped with practicing math and tallying-up how many donations total there were! It was so wonderful to get these donations because as the quote by Cesar Chavez goes, “The people who give you their food give you their heart.” A truly touching sentiment!

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Preschool Food Sorting Activities
November 8, 2019
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