President's Day-Themed Crafts and Activities

.Amelia White
President's Day-Themed Crafts and Activities

President's Day-Themed Crafts and Activities

Mrs. Tucker's Kindergarten Class at Williamsfield School in Williamsfield, Illinois celebrated President's Day by doing a number of activities themed for the holiday!

Presidents the class focused upon were past ones such as George Washington (the first President) and Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President).

Full-Sized Lincoln Painting

Abraham Lincoln was famous for being very tall. With this in mind the class painted a life-sized Abraham Lincoln together that was over six feet tall--just like the real-life President! This poster they painted had him at his impressive 6'4 and had all kinds of facts about Lincoln written around the former President.

Log Cabin Pretzels Craft

Many Presidents--such as Abraham Lincoln--were born in log cabins. Lincoln grew-up in a one-room log cabin and the class took a picture of a log cabins and put pretzel sticks all over it as a fun multi-media crafting activity.

Penny and Water Measuring Activity

President Abraham Lincoln is represented on the penny. The class tried to predict how many droplets of water they could fit upon a penny and then tested-out whose prediction was the most accurate!

"If I Were President," Activity

After the class watched a video about all of the jobs a President does each student wrote down what they would do if they were President underneath a fun craft of the White House they glued together.

President Writing and Drawing Activity

After watching videos on YouTube about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln the students wrote about their favorite facts and illustrated them. It was very cute and fun!

Mrs. Tucker's Kindergarten Class


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President's Day-Themed Crafts and Activities
February 28, 2020
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