Pumpkin Name Activity

Pumpkin Name Activity

At Bright Minds Preschool of Hobart in Hobart, Indiana they had a lot of fun, “Visiting,” a pumpkin patch full of letters and helping their students as they worked to fill their wheelbarrows with all the letters in their name!

With our free printables below your class can do this activity too!

It is a fun and exciting way to help students learn the letters in their name and works well as an activity for a literacy station, during independent work, or when done in a small group.

This resource is a perfect one for preschool and kindergarten students as it helps these little ones master the process of, “Building,” their name. It engages them in learning via a hands-on activity that is a kind of editable name-game. As it is pumpkin-themed it is great to do with your preschool or kindergarten class during the Fall when kids will be excited to discuss pumpkins and pumpkin patches!

“Had fun visiting our letter pumpkin patch and trying to fill out wheelbarrows with all the letters in our name!”
Bright Minds Preschool of Hobart, Hobart, Indiana

Pumpkin Name Activity
Pumpkin Name Activity

How to Play the Activity

Once you have prepared the free printables with wheelbarrows that have students’ names and pumpkins with the letters of their names spread around the floor near each other have each student take the wheelbarrow that has their name upon it.

Have the students look for the letter of their name that go with the wheelbarrow and gather the needed letters.

Once the students have all the letters they need assist them in putting them in the proper order to spell their name so it matches the wheelbarrow–if they grabbed any extra letter have them put them back and if they are lacking any letters encourage them to go grab them.

How to Play the Activity
How to Play the Activity
How to Play the Activity
How to Play the Activity

Free Wheelbarrow Printable

Print this on brown, black, or green paper. Write the student’s name within the square.

Free Pumpkin Printables

Print as many of these (on orange paper) as you need to have enough letters for everyone’s names. Then, write-in the letters.

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free!  Just click here to learn more.

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website

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