Self-Portraits Using Loose Parts

.Isabella Jones
Self-Portraits Using Loose Parts

Invitation to Create a Self Portrait with Loose Parts

Self portraits are actually a key part of learning and personal development. When they are creating a self portrait it allows the maximum amount of artistic freedom and is immensely introspective. The children learn who they are, how they want to present and themselves and what 's important to them.

What we love most about invitations is watching how the different combinations of materials inspire the children to create different things.
This type of play enhances a child's free creative play, exposure to sensory elements, requires concentration, Fine Motor and Hand strength building, relaxing and stimulating. Loose parts are the perfect for limitless possibilities, foster problem solving skills, creativity, exposure to new materials, and decision making.

Through this kind of free play children are really creating: using what they have and what they already know, and combining that to create a whole that’s greater than the parts.

Loose parts and free play in childhood develops the creative genius of the future.

Peter Pan Schools
Alameda, California

Self-Portraits Using Loose Parts
October 3, 2019
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