Sensory Paths for Hallways

.Sophia Williams
Sensory Paths for Hallways

At Gladys Wood Elementary in Anchorage, Alaska, the teachers had a very creative idea to make sensory paths in the hallways which students thought were, "So cool!"

We've got a sensory path! So cool!

Gladys Wood Elementary

Anchorage, Alaska

What is a Sensory Path?

A sensory path (can also be written as, "Sensory-Path,") takes an otherwise normal hallway and makes it colorful and playful in creative ways. This helps with the development of sensory pathways in young brains too, helping forming mental connections responsible for sight, sound, touch and so forth. These kind of creations help enable young children to complete more complex and multi-stage tasks as they continue their development. Having a sensory path is a stellar way to assist kids in developing motor-skills such as balance, hand-eye coordination, and also spatial awareness. Teachers can utilize these sensory paths for things like, 'Brain breaks," or otherwise practicing body movement. These sensory pathways can be a stellar way to help students to refocus after a brief pause in a school-task too!

How to Make a Sensory Path

A sensory path can be made-up of anything colorful and eye-catching you place on the ground for students to follow--hence it being a, "Path." Using stickers (if the floor is NOT carpet) is a great idea as they easily attach to the floor and can be peeled-off when no longer being used. Having pathways that point students where to go and twist-and-turn in fun ways is sure to entertain your kids!

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Sensory Paths for Hallways
September 10, 2019
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