Snoopy Paper Plate Craft

Snoopy Paper Plate Craft

Snoopy Paper Plate CraftContinuation of Previous snoopy project. I personally love snoopy a lot. Things to prepare for the first snoopy include coloured paper, plain paper, and paper plate that's all. It's super easy to purchase, inexpensive and easy to perform. It will be fun for all ages.  Try it out!Here is one of the easy DIY craft using mixed color felt paper. After cut into the shape of snoopy, draw the paws, eyes and mouth, a cute snoopy is ready.This simple DIY craft can be used for birthday cards etc. Hope that u guys will enjoy. Thank you #Snoopy #SimpleCraft #PreschoolKindergarden #AllAgesCraft 

Snoopy Paper Plate Craft
April 10, 2020
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