Snoopy Toilet Roll Pencil Holder

Snoopy Toilet Roll Pencil Holder

Snoopy Toilet Roll Pencil HolderHi would anyone like to know how to make pencil holder out of recycled toilet paper roll? It's easy peasy and super fun to use recycled materials that we used to throw them away. This craft project, you will need to prepare the following materials:- Recycled toilet rolls- Cardstock / Thick Colored Paper- Color pencils / Crayons- Glue- Scissors- Other accessoriesU may draw any cartoon and cut them out to paste on the toilet roll as decoration. This DIY Stationery holder can be a great craft to be performed. It is of great opportunity to make something fun with your kids or students.Enjoy and have fun!#SimpleCraft #RecycledMaterials

Snoopy Toilet Roll Pencil Holder
May 5, 2020
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