Spider Headband and Spiderweb Crafts

.Emily Davis
Spider Headband and Spiderweb Crafts

When it comes to spiders the things we often associate with them are their eight legs, eight eyes, and how many kinds of spiders love to weave webs! These Spider-themed crafts incorporate these elements of spiders via a fun headband as well as a, "Spiderweb," made out of masking-tape.

A Kid’s Place: Drop-In Child Care did both of these activities and encourage others to try them anytime they want to make Halloween-related crafts, talk about life science, or just need an idea for something that starts with the letter, "S,' the way, "Spider," does!

"Building big spider webs and big spiders to climb the big webs!"

A Kid's Place: Drop-In Child Care

How to Make a Spider Headband

First make sure you have black construction paper, stickers that look likes eyes, scissors, and tape.
Cut out one large strip of black construction paper (this will be the main headband).
Put eight eyes on the big strip of black construction paper (students can do more if they want even if it isn't scientifically accurate)
Make the big piece of black construction paper a big circle and tape it together.
Now cut-out eight smaller strips of construction paper and fold and unfold them so they look like springy legs.
Tape these eight legs onto the headband.Now your spider headband is complete!

How to Make a Spiderweb Craft

You'll need a plastic hula-hoop and masking tape.

Make lines of masking tape from one end of the hula-hoop to the other so that there are about eight ends.

Make lines of masking tape inside these lines with an outer circle, an inner circle, and one more tiny circle at the center.

Now you can put toy spiders on the web or, "Flies," caught within it. The masking tape helps everything stick just like a real web!

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Spider Headband and Spiderweb Crafts
October 14, 2019
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