Spring Break Challenges

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Spring Break Challenges

Looking for something to do at home during Spring Break? The AMAZING Harmony staff figured that might be the case for lots of us, so they worked on a few Spring Break Challenges for us!

Spring Break Challenges


Today's challenge: build a fort and read a book in it!


Today’s challenge:
Make paper airplanes and see how far they can fly! You can make different styles and have a contest between them to see which design flies the furthest! You can even work on some measuring to see how far they have flown! Or you can just stick with one airplane you’ve made and do many trials. the choices are endless!


Today’s challenge should get your kids’ creative juices flowing. and give them a chance to play in the water at home!
Make a boat out of tinfoil. Float it in the sink. See how many pennies you can put in the boat before it sinks!


Today’s challenge:
Build an Obstacle course out of things around the house. Use different locomotor moves (walking, jumping, crawling, skipping, hopping, etc.). See how fast you can move through it!


Friday’s challenge:
Make a color wheel out of things you find around the house!

Harmony Elementary School - Team Harmony
Janesville, WI, United States

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Spring Break Challenges
April 3, 2020
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