St. Patrick's Day Activity!

Nicole Wadsworth
St. Patrick's Day Activity!

Here is a great activity to help you and your students celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a fun and creative way, leprechaun names.

If I were a leprechaun, my name would be…. where the student shave to finish the sentence and a leprechaun body where the student's have to color in the body and add arms. One thing you can also do is take a picture of your student, print and cut out, and have them glue their face on the body. Or they could just draw their face. Whatever is easier for you.

My students loved this activity. First, I read the story The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover, put the story in order, and then discussed who St. Patrick was and why he is so important. They had a lot of fun figuring out their name and seeing what their friend's name was. My favorite name was Lucky McWiggles! I hope you enjoy using this activity as much as I did!

St. Patrick's Day Activity!
St. Patrick's Day Activity!
March 15, 2021
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