STEM/STEAM Tower Building Challenge

.Madison Wilson
STEM/STEAM Tower Building Challenge

They had STEM Day at Jamesburg Public Schools in Jamesburg, New Jersey, and Karen Harris was kind enough to share with us some great pictures of students tackling the challenge!

The Challenge's Rules

The rules of the challenge were simple--even if the challenge itself was hard! Students were given 35 minutes and had to make a tower which measured at least 5 centimeters tall and was capable of supporting a (small) pumpkin for at least 10 seconds before collapsing or having the pumpkin fall.

Students started the challenge by getting their supplies they were allowed to use out of a, "Mystery Bag." Within the bag there were Popsicle sticks, string/yarn, tape, scissors, rulers, and other tools to assist them in designing a tower within the time limit that would (hopefully) be capable of holding the pumpkin! As you can see in the final picture, the children succeeded and their tower was both tall enough and able to hold the pumpkin in place for the required amount of time! It was a fun challenge to everyone to take-on and they did a fantastic job.

"STEAM DAY AT JFK - create a tower within 35 minutes, measuring 5cm, supporting a pumpkin for at least 10 seconds."
Karen Harris  @KarenHarris333
Jamesburg Public Schools, Jamesburg, NJ

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STEM/STEAM Tower Building Challenge
November 8, 2019
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