Thankful for Our Teachers!

.Abigail Miller
Thankful for Our Teachers!

Thankful for Our Teachers!

At Noblesville Methodist Preschool & PDO in Noblesville, Indiana they did a gorgeous turkey-themed craft where they declared how they were, "Thankful for Our Teachers!" To do this craft each person made a paper feather for a big turkey and wrote what they were thankful for.

They wrote how they were thankful for having a gorgeous building and how happy they were it contained cute crafts, brand-new equipment, and creative bulletin boards. They also expressed thanks for all the educational toys and everything else needed to have the perfect preschool space!

At Noblesville Methodist Preschool & PDO they also wrote about how they are thankful for the amazing families they serve and all the friends made at preschool. Plus, thanks was due for the absolutely incredible teaching staff. They know the teachers help the students do all they do and be who are they are--something that would not be possible without the teachers. That is why this craft of thanks is so great and why it is so great to thank teachers!

Noblesville Methodist Preschool & PDO
Noblesville, Indiana 46060

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Thankful for Our Teachers!
November 25, 2019
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