The Colorful Turkey

Katherine Manriquez
The Colorful Turkey

The Colorful TurkeyPractical activity for the little ones. Hand-eye coordination skills, instruction follow-up, fine motor skills, color recognition, and visuospatial perception are developed.Materials to make

  • Shoe box
  • Tempera or colored paint
  • Knife to cut
  • Colored pencils and lead.
  • Brush.
You must first draw the turkey and then paint each wing in one color. You must make cuts so that the object you are going to classify can enter.You can use pom poms, buckets, pipe cleaners or any colored object. If your little one does not recognize colors, this activity will serve to work fine motor skills. It is recommended to play with more people and be able to take turns when fitting in.To enjoy!

The Colorful Turkey
June 23, 2020
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