The Three little pigs

Sandra M
The Three little pigs

This activity is meant as an extension to the book of the Three little pigs story. After reading the story we discuss the choices of the building materials that each pig chose. We also discussed which one would be a better choice to chose and why. We create a web of other materials that they could use to build their house and which one would work and not work.

Children were provided with a house template to create one of the Three Little Pigs house or create their own. They were also given three choices of the materials such as pipe cleaners for straw, popsicle sticks for sticks, and foam squares for bricks. After they were finished with their creation we came back to a meeting and each child got to present how they made their creation and which materials they chose and why. teacher wrote their dictation on the back of their houses.

The Three little pigs
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The Three little pigs
November 13, 2020
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