Trunk or Treat Car Ideas

.Sophia Williams
Trunk or Treat Car Ideas

At Kidworks USA Pre-School in Hialeah, Florida they had their first-ever annual Trunk or Treat Festival.

It was a huge success and the cars that were there for the Trunk or Treat were amazing! Families loved going car-to-car and getting candy from the amazingly decorated vehicles. Here are just some ideas that you can use for inspiration to make your own incredible car for Trunk or Treat!

Kidworks USA Pre-School, Hialeah, Florida

Trunk or Treat!

The, "Frozen,"-themed car (at the top of the post and further on) was impressively frigid--it really stood out in the hot Florida weather!

There was an, "Alice in Wonderland," setup too featuring the queen's card-themed board and a tea kettle (like that of the Mad Hatter).

A, "Finding Nemo," car made everyone feel like they were under-the-sea with the famous fish from the movie and a pirate-look had everyone ready to, "Walk the plank," for some candy!

Another card was full of pumpkins and witches' hats and the, "Star Wars," theme at one car also had Darth Vader! It was so much fun and the cars were incredible!

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Trunk or Treat Car Ideas
November 1, 2019
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