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Tyrannosaurus Rex Footprint

Tyrannosaurus Rex Footprint

This is a fun activity for Preschool kiddos! If you have a dinosaur unit your kids will love this! I don't know about you guys but my two and three years olds love to take off there shoes during class which is obviously a big no no, so this activity is really fun for them.You draw and cut out about a three and a half foot Tyrannosaurus Rex footprint using green butcher paper. Then, all the children get to take off their shoes! Once their shoes are off each child takes turns placing them inside the footprint. The idea of this activity is to show them just how big an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex footprint is. After, all the children place thier shoes inside the footprint, it is used as like a measuring scale to compare! I have twelve kids in my class plus two teachers and all of our shoes combined still didnt fill the Tyrannosaurs Rex's footprint!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Footprint
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Tyrannosaurus Rex Footprint
August 24, 2022
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