Valentine's Day Door Decoration Contest

.Emily Davis
Valentine's Day Door Decoration Contest

At Adventure Time Academy in New Albany, Indiana they had a door decoration contest themed for Valentine's Day!

Each class came up with a different and unique decoration and made some impressive decor for the doors! Check them out!

Valentine's Day Doors!

One class did a play-on-words with the classic Sweetheart candy, saying how, "We're a bunch of Sweethearts," and putting pictures of students in pretend versions of the classic candy. Another class incorporated a bit of a Spring theme by having a door that declared, "Love grows best in classrooms just like this," where the beautiful flowers had the faces of students inside the petals.

The door of one room featured many hearts and the great message, "You are loved," while another class used a silly pun to say, "We toad-a-ly love preschool," and have a picture of a toad for the humorous joke. One class decorated their door with hearts that had each student's handwritten name. Lastly, one room had the inspiring message of, "Let kindness be the language of your heart."

Adventure Time Academy
@adventuretimeacademy 47150
New Albany, IN, United States

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Valentine's Day Door Decoration Contest
February 4, 2020
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