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Winter Birds Handprint Craft

.Abigail Miller
Winter Birds Handprint Craft

At Little Ones’ Preschool in Lakeville, Indiana, the class did a fun handprint craft! They discussed how the Northern Cardinal is a winter bird, meaning it does not migrate during the Wintertime.

This makes them easy to spot during the cold weather--they are like brights spots of color on otherwise gray days! After talking about how the Northern Cardinal is a winter bird the students did their own winter birds handprint craft.

How The Winter Birds Handprint Craft Was Made

The students began the craft by covering one of their hands in red paint. They then pressed it upon the blue construction paper sheet. They waited for the paint to dry and then pasted on an orange piece of paper to be the beak and used a black market to draw the bird's eye and some talons. Then, they cut and pasted some brown construction paper to look like a tree branch being stood on by the bird. They also cut and pasted white pieces of paper to serve as snowflakes in addition to ripping-up cotton balls and putting them on the sheet to represent pieces of snow. The final result was incredible!

"Bright spots of color for gray days!"
Little Ones' Preschool
Lakeville, IN, United States

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Winter Birds Handprint Craft
January 24, 2020
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