World Ocean Day Activity for Preschoolers

Emma Johnson
World Ocean Day Activity for Preschoolers

One fun activity you can do with your preschoolers for World Ocean Day is teaching them the importance of keeping our Planet's oceans, "Clean."

You can take printables of ocean animals, toys of ocean animals/rocks, and regular household items (like empty shampoo bottles, cans, or nail-clippers) and put them all on a big blue blanket. Then, have your preschool students sort-out what belongs in the ocean and what should not be there.

At Cuddlebugz Family Daycare they are trying the activity and it is, "A busy day today here at Cuddlebugz with the children cleaning up our ocean for World Ocean Day (the 8th of June). The Coles Minis and tweezers were added to our ocean small World play and the children had such fun collecting all the rubbish, sorting it from the other items in the ocean and 'throwing it in the bin!'"

Can You Clean the Ocean?

This activity is a great way to discuss what should be in the ocean (fish, rocks) and what should not be (household objects, garbage). Ask you preschoolers if they can clean-up the ocean by putting-down your own ocean toys, our free printables, and random household objects or debris.


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World Ocean Day Activity for Preschoolers
August 20, 2019
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