Zoom-Based Music Band Activity

Zoom-Based Music Band Activity

Zoom-Based Music Band Activity

Zoom is a free and easy to use software. You can log onto it with a computer, android device, iPhone, or basically anything with a camera and internet connection!

 You do not need to have an account to join a Zoom, "Meeting," either, you just need one to start a meeting. With this in mind you can do all kinds of fun things with Zoom, such as making a band that plays music!

How to Make a Zoom-Based Music Band

First, have everyone who will be in the, "Meeting," join it on Zoom. Then, tell the children how you're going to do a music activity! Have any children with instruments get them (they can be, "official," ones like violins or saxophones or even toy drums or xylophones). If the children lack an instrument but want to sing that works well. Then, separate groups by their instruments, "Everyone with keyboards is group A, everyone with drums is group B," and so forth

Then, have each group do a steady sound or beat until the sound of everyone together makes a fun melody! You've made a band while using Zoom!

Coloring Page
To print these pictures simply click on each desired picture and then print it once it loads at its full-size!

How to Make a Shakers

This is a fun musical instrument craft for preschoolers which they can make themselves with a little bit of help.

Let's make some shakers and create a band. Put on your favourite songs and play away, or make up your own songs. Enjoy!

Photo: Jack and Jill Preschool @PreschoolJJ, Banstead, South East

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Zoom-Based Music Band Activity
March 31, 2020
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