Zoom-Based Show and Tell Activity for Preschoolers

.Amelia White
Zoom-Based Show and Tell Activity for Preschoolers

Zoom Show and Tell Activity

If you are working with a group of preschoolers via Zoom it can be difficult sometimes to keep them focused on complicated tasks that require a lot of directions or close attention.

However, doing a show and tell activity can easily be done, as the students can bring whatever object they like to share in front of their camera and then talk about it. Plus, such an activity helps teach other children how to be patient and wait for their turn to show and tell about their own item.

How to Do a Zoom-Based Show and Tell Activity

Tell the group of children over Zoom that each one will have a turn to show and tell about an item, pet, or whatever they like in their house.

Put the students in order by name, whoever logged-in first, or make it random.

Have the first student do their show and tell activity, make sure everyone is quiet and patient while they speak.

Ask a question or two after the presentation to make sure everyone was paying attention--e.g. "Why did she say that was her favorite toy?"

Have the next student take a turn and then ask questions after their presentation until everyone has had a turn.

To finish the activity you can do a show and tell of something yourself if you like!

Show and tell (sometimes called Show and share) is the practice of showing something to an audience and telling them about it. It is used to teach young children about public speaking. wikipedia  


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Zoom-Based Show and Tell Activity for Preschoolers
March 31, 2020
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