5 Senses Science Activities For Preschoolers

.Isabella Jones
5 Senses Science Activities For Preschoolers

5 Senses Science Activities For Preschoolers

Here at Christ the Rock Preschool in Rockford, Illinois we have been learning about the five senses! The five senses are of course seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching. Our students had a fantastic time at our learning centers we created for the five senses and learning about how these senses of ours work!

Christ the Rock Preschool
Rockford, Illinois

Our Five Senses Learning Centers

Our learning centers dedicated to the five senses helped students explore just how their senses work. They used their eyes at our vision center and examined books, tried-on glasses, used magnifying lenses, and more! For hearing they had tools that involved listening (like play-telephones) as well as stethoscopes. We also had students try-out various smells for their nose and discuss what kind of smells they noticed!

When it came to the sense of touch we had students feel various mysterious textures and tell us what they thought they were before we revealed them!

To learn about taste we talked about how our tongue senses it, and how our sense of taste can be different for everyone--such as how some students think red apples taste better, or yellow, and sometimes green!

It was really fun learning about the five senses at our centers and through class discussions of how even if someone might share the same sense they might have different opinions (such as something one preschooler thinks smells nice another thinks smells bad). The five senses are very neat and it was great learning all about them!

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5 Senses Science Activities For Preschoolers
October 21, 2019
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