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African Animals Worksheets

African Animals Worksheets

African Animals Worksheets

There worksheet are all about animals found in Africa! Incorporating these worksheets into a unit discussing Africa or animals is a great way to help children learn about the continent and the animals that live within it.

African Animals Worksheets Printables

Find the 10 Differences Worksheet

There are 10 differences between each of these pictures. Find what they are and circle them with a pen or pencil!

African Animals Worksheets

Giraffe Preschool Math Activity

This math puzzle requires you to cut each of the lines apart and then count them up in order to reassemble the Giraffe!

Zebra Matching

For this worksheet, you need to fill in the Zebra with the stripes that match the guide at the bottom of the worksheet

Animals & Shadows Worksheet

Draw lines from the animals to their matching shadows that also say what the animal's name is!

African Animals Face-Matching Worksheet

For this worksheet, you need to cut and paste each animal's face onto the appropriate body to make a match!

African Animals Worksheet

Draw a line from the animal to the circle that best describes it.

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African Animals Worksheets
July 7, 2020
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