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Learning words in different way!
Hi i am back, was really busy handling both kids at home while need to work at the same time. The following activity is one of them recently prepared for my eldest son. Learning words in a...
Added: December 7, 2020

Hard Vs Soft Activity
This particular activity allows your kids or students to differentiate between hard and soft objects.   You may start to gather objects that...
Added: July 11, 2020

Bread Tags Art and Craft
I believe a lot of us have bread for breakfast, when u buy a loaf of bread, keep the bread tags, you may use it as a craft for your children. The following...
Added: July 11, 2020

Paper Roll Kitty Craft
Lets make a cute kitty just out of toilet paper rolls! This is definitely an easy peasy craft for kids and I am sure they will like them. First...
Added: July 11, 2020

Fun and Easy Christmas Activities
3d Paper Christmas Tree Things to prepare as follow: - Green Coloured paper - Felt paper - Scissors and Glue Cut one sheets of A4 paper...
Added: June 2, 2020

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