Bookmark Creation Craft Activity

.Sophia Williams
Bookmark Creation Craft Activity

At Idyllwild School, they did a PTA-sponsored smARTs project! the smARTS group was offered a fantastic opportunity by the group, "Friends of the Library."

All of the kids at Idyllwild School were able to create a bookmark as part of a craft activity celebration the Idyllwild Libary's birthday--it turned 100 years old this year of 2020!

Each of the elementary students from grades K-5 had fun creating a bookmark in their smARTS-based classroom. Various artists were present who helped take the lead. Such as how the Middle School bookmark class-groups had Nancy Jones as their artist lead as they worked under the supervision of Lindsay Baldwin (one of the Middle School teachers).

So Many Amazing Bookmarks!

All of the grades had a lot of fun doing this craft activity with the creation of bookmarks! Some did themes about the weather with snow or rainbows, others focused on the birthday of the Idyllwild Library, and others painted everything from flowers to messages about how books can't be eaten, but can be enjoyed via reading! The creativity on display was astounding and then once the bookmarks were made the students then had a helpful way to keep track of where they had read to within their books!

Idyllwild School PTA smARTS Project

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Bookmark Creation Craft Activity
February 7, 2020
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