Activities for a Dinosaur-Themed Week

Olivia Johnson
Activities for a Dinosaur-Themed Week

It’s everything dinosaurs this first week of summer camp.

Preschool students love Dinosaurs and at St. Stephen Preschool in Chatsworth, California, they had a week dedicated to Dinosaurs this past Summer at their camp. You can do all of their awesome ideas during the regular school-year too!

Here are some Dinosaur-related activities you can do:

Dinosaur Egg Treasure Hunt

Hide a big watermelon painted white to look like a huge Dino-egg and hide it someplace around the school. Then, make a bunch of clues you put in different places that help students eventually get to the place the egg is buried/hidden. Once the preschoolers find it you can all eat the watermelon too!

We had a treasure hunt and looked for huge dinosaur eggs! We followed our clues on the map, dug up the dinosaur eggs, and got to eat them for snack! (It was watermelons painted white and it looked real! It was heavy! It was delicious). St. Stephen Preschool


Submerge toy Dinosaurs in water that you've placed in circular ice-cube trays. Then freeze these into ice so that you have frozen, "Dinosaur eggs," that the students can then help open by rubbing with their hands, putting in warm water, or chipping-away at with tools!

Sing Dinosaur Songs

There are all kinds of songs about Dinosaurs, look some up and teach them to your preschool students!

Volcano Science

One theory about how Dinosaurs went extinct is that an Asteroid hit Earth and that made a lot of Volcanoes explode too. Build a volcano out of dirt, paper mache, or whatever works best and then show students the classic science experiment of vinegar and baking soda making a, "Volcano," erupt.

Day two! Learning dinosaur songs and building mountains so we could watch volcano science! St. Stephen Preschool


Bury a bunch of toy Dinosaur eggs in something that is easy to dig-through (sand, rice, beans, etc.) that you fill a sensory bucket with. The Preschoolers will love using their hands or tools to search for Dinosaur eggs!

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Activities for a Dinosaur-Themed Week
September 6, 2019
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