Circulatory system

Ana Maya
Circulatory system

All kids need to learn how their bodies work and how to take care of them. Perhaps no part is more important than the heart and circulatory system. Use these hands-on circulatory system activities to teach anatomy or during American Heart Month every February. They’ll help kids learn how important it is to take care of their one and only heart!



1. If using yarn, dye the yarn blue or red prior to activity. This can be an activity done with the kids

2. If using cooked spaghetti, separate the spaghetti into two bowls. Add red to one of the bowls, blue to the other.


1. Lay the butcher paper on the floor and have a kid be the model to trace their silhouette

- Invite the kids to lay the spaghetti or yarn on the silhouette on butcher paper to resemble veins and arteries.

- Once dry, cover it with a layer of MOD Allow for some time to dry

PODGE to increase its shelf life.

Draw an outline of the human body, then grab some red and blue yarn to make arteries, veins, and the heart itself.

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Circulatory system
May 23, 2023
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