Learning the Solar System

jennifer dougherty
Learning the Solar System

Learning the Solar System

My 3 year old, private student, is learning the solar system. I downloaded the worksheet from a website (2 pages, I believe from totschooling. net, then laminated the first worksheet. I then laminated the planet cut out (2nd) worksheet as well, and cut out each planet, then added velcros on each one.

I taught my three year old all 8 of the planets first by memorizing their names. Then we started learning facts about each planets. Now that he knows everything we learned about the solar system, we've moved on by quizzing him, I will ask questions like "what's the biggest planet or whats the closest planet to the sun" then he will answer "Jupiter or Mercury" and "whats the 8th or 3rd planet" and he will answer "Neptune or Earth" and he will velcro the corresponding planet to the worksheet.

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Learning the Solar System
March 31, 2022
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