Simple Pop Up Cards for Solar Systems

Chang Tun Kuet
Simple Pop Up Cards for Solar Systems

Simple Pop Up Cards for Solar Systems

We make an simple interactive cards using pop up technique about solar systems.

Fun Activity: Pop Up Interactive Cards

Apparatus and Materials: scissors, pictures of planets, coloured paper, glue


1. Fold the paper in half. Then cut the centre part of the fold as in the diagram.

2. Push the fold between the cuts upwards.

3. Cut the picture of the planet and paste it on the upward fold of the card.

4. Write information about the planet on the cardboard. Decorate the card creatively. You can colour, put something nice like stickers or jusr make it more beautiful.

5. Repeat the steps one to step four for other members of the solar system.

After activity, we can do gallery walk and made some simple discussion with the students:

1. Which planet is the nearest to the Sun?

2. Which planet is the hottest?

3. Which planet is the biggest? Why?

4. Which planet is the smallest? Why?

5. Which planet has living things?

6. Which planet has a ring?

7. Besides Saturn, which planet has a ring?

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Simple Pop Up Cards for Solar Systems
February 12, 2022
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