Writing simple characters in Mandarin

Rachel Cheah
Writing simple characters in Mandarin

Writing simple characters in Mandarin

I taught my students to write simple Chinese characters through online class. This was the worksheet that I prepared for them.

My students are around 4-5 years old. Previously, I taught them the same characters but asking them to trace it on sand. This time, I prepared this worksheet for my students to train their writing skills. Many knew know to write horizontal and vertical lines but only a handful could write the curve parts. This worksheet is meant to help children learn how to control their pencil as they write each stroke of the Chinese characters.

I also included the pinyin (pronounciation) of each word and their meaning so that parents could revise and redo the activity with them.

To make my students more interested, I asked them to use various colour pencils for each stroke. We had a mini competition to see who could have the most colours for each character. At the same time, I could also revise colours in Mandarin with them.

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Writing simple characters in Mandarin
July 10, 2021
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