Practicing Sensory Writing

Practicing Sensory Writing

Practicing Sensory Writing

At Petra Preschool, they practiced sensory writing! It is a fun activity you can do with sugar, salt, shaving cream, sand, or make multiple trays with them and have kiddos practice doing sensory writing with a range of textures!

Following writing directions

The children would be told to write a certain letter (or number) by either being given a verbal instruction or they would be shown a flashcard that would instruct them on a letter or number to write.

Feeling the textures

The kiddos had a fantastic time feeling the textures of the various materials and then following directions about which letter and numbers they needed to make. It was a lovely way to develop motor skills and learn letter/number recognition!

Source for photos: Petra Preschool

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Practicing Sensory Writing
June 28, 2021
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