Simple Money Activities for Kids

Jessica Baker
Simple Money Activities for Kids

These age-appropriate money activities can be completed in a single class period. They're designed specifically for teaching basic competencies such as: earning, saving, investing, spending, and borrowing.

For Preschoolers

Simple Money Activities for Kids

When teaching good money habits to preschoolers, it's essential to keep things simple. You should start with basics such as identifying different currencies and being able to count each one. Try this money-matching activity to help kids identify coins and bills.

For Elementary School Students

Elementary school students will find personal motivation by saving for something they want. Have your students create a personalized piggy bank to calculate how long it takes to save for the item of their dreams.

For Middle School Students

Familiarize your middle school students with more complex terms—such as what goes into a credit score. By introducing them to these topics early on, they'll feel more confident when they're introduced to them later in life. Print this word search for your tween and teen students to start exploring money-related terms. Then have them check the glossary for each definition.

While financial literacy isn't always a curricular requirement, studies show that students who learn about money earlier are more inclined to manage their finances properly as adults.

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Simple Money Activities for Kids
November 18, 2020
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