Simple fruit toddler or preschool puzzle set

Ann Walley
Simple fruit toddler or preschool puzzle set

Simple fruit toddler or preschool puzzle set

Cut out any type of fruit/vegetable image. Cut two of each image. One for the background piece and the other for your puzzle pieces. Whatever you are trying to teach put that on your images, then cut one into your pieces. Laminate them for multiple usage. The children can then match the pieces to create a puzzle. Construction paper, cardstock, poster or white paper color to go along with what you are trying to teach. This is a simple way to teach matching, cognition, and correspondence. Our Head Start children love it. It has helped them learn how to identify colors of fruits or vegetables, letter/number recognition, and sight word recognition. It is a good activity to use during a lesson plan teaching Fruits/vegetables and parts/fractions. You can put anything on the pieces that you may want to help them improve on. Numbers, color words, sight words, alphabets, etc.

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Simple fruit toddler or preschool puzzle set
October 7, 2020
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